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Vegan at heart, our cold brew coffee is steeped in water for 24 hours. Not only it brings out the best flavours of our beans, it's also 70% less acidic than hot-brewed coffee, protecting your stomach from unpleasant acidity and keeping you healthy. 


We also have a selection of CBD-infused (cannabidiol) products to help you ease into the world of cold brew coffee, reducing the nervousness and helping you focus better. 


A few things to note


  1. Just like you, we care about the quality of coffee - so the premium coffee beans we use are approved by our coffee advisor (and loved by all of us!)
  2. We hate to see coffee wasted - it takes a lot of dedication! so we go with cold brew, for you to carry on the go and enjoy the wonderful taste all day long
  3. We want to promote a healthier coffee lifestyle, and be strictly vegan in the entire process of producing sofe coffee
  4. We try our best not to do harm to our home planet - our bottles and other products are mostly recyclable