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Sofe Coffee

Drip Bag Coffee (5 packs)

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A hot cup of Sofe coffee can be homemade. Use our drip bag to easily enjoy a hot cup of hand-drip coffee at home.


Comes in a pack of 5. (12g x 5)



  1. Ethiopia
  2. Papua New Guinea
  3. Kenya
  4. Houndras

#1 Ethiopia - FLORAL

Process: natural

Aromas: floral, citrus, lemon

Flavors: white foral, lemon, tea-like, honey

After-taste: lemon, tea-like


#2 Papua New Guinea - NUTTY

Process: washed

Aromas: herby, sweet

Flavors: blackcurrant, milk chocolate, black tea

After-taste: nutty, chocolate


#3 Kenya - FRUITY

Process: washed

Aromas: fruity 

Flavors: green apple, lemon tea-like

After-taste: plum, tea-like


#4 Houndras - WINEY

Process: honey

Aromas: winey, juicy mouthful

Flavors: plum, black suagar sweetness

After-taste: black tea